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I have been thinking recently about life's transitions. This has come up in my own life because this fall I have transitioned into a parent of elementary school kids. Our family will be trading in the finger-painting and toddler backpacks for school buses and hot lunch. My kids will be in school and away from home many more hours than before. This is a really big change for our family and each member of our family adjusts differently. We have had some growing pains along with long days and tired afternoons.

The change is external and the transition is internal. It’s important to honor these transitions. When we slow down we can focus on our bodies and our emotions. By acknowledging and processing our emotions we can become kinder and more compassionate to ourselves and those around us.

Transition and change can also bring up difficult feelings. It is important to examine what comes up for you with kindness, wonder and non-judgement. In challenging times we commonly see old patterns emerging. These old patterns may not serve us anymore. This may be an opportunity for healing, transformation and personal growth. It is a time to revisit our values, strengths, needs and habits. With this in mind we can explore our goals and direction for the future.

If you find yourself struggling with life’s transitions, homeopathy can help. Homeopathy is a beautiful medicine that can assist in moving through life’s difficult transitions with better ease and greater self-reflection so you can be reinvigorated on this journey called life.

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