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Transformation seems to be a word that is used so often in the wellness profession because it is an important aspect of healing. We see the image of a butterfly; light, beautiful and graceful and it conjures up the illusion that transformation is a natural process and therefore easy and simple.

It is not.

Transformation is painful, difficult and often very confusing. It is something we often resist and turn away from.

I compare it to giving birth to a child; hard, painful and emotional. Emotions of anger and resentment may arise. Often waves of self-doubt. A mother that resists the process will soon discover that resistance is counter-productive and more painful. There are times when you want to give up and turn back.

But you can't go back. We can't go back.

Once you see the truth there is no turning back. A force stronger than yourself has emerged and will pull you along. As painful as it may feel - this is now your destiny.

What emerges from transformation is something unfamiliar; a new being, a renewed community, a different creature, a shift in understanding.

The process of transformation, while difficult and painful, is necessary to allow us to move to a higher level of consciousness and create new life.

Homeopathy can help initiate transformation and support you in the process. Remedies help you to accept the discomfort and move through the emotions that arise. As your homeopath, I bear witness to the process. I listen without judgment. I love unconditionally. So that you can do the same for yourself.

We all are in need of healing and transformation. Now is the time! Taking part in your own healing journey is not a act of selfishness but a collective act of love. To heal yourself is to heal your community.

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