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Sick Care VS Health Care

The month of May is Mental Health Awareness Month which is a time designated to bring awareness to and normalize mental health challenges and treatments. It is a perfect time for me to talk about how homeopathy can help with mental health concerns.

The majority of my clients seek out my care due to mental health concerns. I see adults and children with with anxiety, OCD, trauma, grief, depression, nightmares and fears. About 80 - 90% of clients experience relief within the first month of treatment.

Homeopathy is a unique form of treatment for mental health issues because it is not masking the issues or suppressing the symptom. When you take a well prescribed homeopathic remedy that remedy is a messenger to your body to initiate your body's own ability to heal. There are no side-effects of homeopathic remedies. Homeopathic care is safe for infants, children, elderly and pregnant or nursing moms.

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine. I choose a remedy for you as a whole person; not just the chief complaint. Often clients come in with more then one complaint, for instance they may have digestive issues and anxiety. These issues may or may not have a direct correlation but homeopathy can address all complaints. Homeopathy is an individualized medicine that can help with both physical and mental health symptoms.

I heard a newscast today that spoke about how in the United States we approach mental health with sick care not health care. Often people don't seek care for mild to moderate mental health issues because they don't think the symptoms will last or they feel "it is just part of life". But you don't need to suffer when homeopathy can help!

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