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Our Vital Force

I have recently learned of the word “Kincentric”. Enruque Salmon, coined the word in his description of indigenous perceptions of the human-nature relationship. Because indigenous people are embedded and one with the wilderness and nature the concept of separateness is foreign. In the indigenous perspective there is a strong connection with everything in nature because we are nature, it is a symbiotic relationship, not a relationship where we (humans) dominate over it (nature).

I have thought about this concept a lot over the past couple of years. Humans breathe out as plants breathe in and plants breathe out as humans breathe in. We operate on this planet as one being. And as of late, we are all short of breath. This symbiotic relationship must be centered again in mainstream consciousness in order for us to thrive and survive on this planet.

In homeopathy we use the term vital force. This term is used to describe the life force that permeates and animates everything. This includes things that science tells us are not alive such as stones and the earth. But stones are not just rocks and soil is not just dirt. These objects have a spirit and force of their own, just like you or I. In fact, because of the vital force they have the potential of healing.

This is where homeopathic medicines are derived; from the vital force of plants, animals, insects, stones and more. Homeopathy is a medicine working in relationship to the earth. Homeopathy is not a medicine of suppression or of domination. Homeopathy borrows the healing properties of the earth's bounty to heal us. When we are balanced, in-tune and grounded we have more to offer this earth and the people and animals who live on it.

You are held by the healing powers of this earth and your healing is not yours alone but in turn affects the earth and people around you.

**To learn more about these concepts you can read Wildness: Relations of People and Place by Enrugue Salmon or Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer.

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