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Homeopathy Can Help Your Child’s Mood

Treating behavioral disturbances is one of my specialties. What does that encompass? Read on…

My four-year-old son is a bright-eyed, sly-smiled bundle of energy. He loves to give bear hugs and butterfly kisses. He is quick to make us laugh. He is a delight when he is in a good mood... but... when he’s not in a good mood…


He can be very difficult. This morning he spent 45 minutes crying because we did not have another mango. That intense behavior has been the pattern lately. Temper tantrums are rough for parents, and my son is in no way unique. All parents have had to negotiate tantrums at some point; they are a normal part of development. But if you have a child who gets stuck in these moods, homeopathy can help to minimize those behaviors.

Examples of behavioral disturbances in children are:

  • inattention

  • restlessness

  • sensory sensitivity

  • obsessive tendencies

  • aggression

  • extreme shyness

  • regular temper tantrums

  • intense argumentative behavior

When an individual takes a homeopathic remedy, the remedy informs the system of its imbalance, and the body then works to correct the imbalance that is causing the troublesome behaviors. In that way, this form of holistic medicine can be incredibly effective, without side effects. Remedies are just stimulating the body’s own ability to heal!

Homeopathic treatment addresses the root cause of the disruptive behaviors. It brings freedom and ease to the child's life, which positively affects the whole family. Homeopathic remedies are gentle and safe for children. Parents will see an improvement in the overall well-being of the child. And over time the child becomes less susceptible to acute and chronic illness.

Homeopathy can make parenting so much easier. Give it a try!

Rebecca Keyes, CCH, practices out of Tree of Life Wellness Center in Albertville, MN, and in St. Paul. If you have more questions about how homeopathy can help with behavioral disturbances or other issues, you can schedule a 15-minute consultation with Rebecca.

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