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A profound medicine

I first went to a homeopath on a recommendation from a friend. She had cured her chronic hives through constitutional homeopathic treatment. When I complained about my chronic eczema, she recommended homeopathy.

I had suffered from eczema since infancy. One of my earliest memories was going to the doctors office for help. I was wearing brand new pink sweatpants and sweatshirt my mom had made me so to not irritate my sensitive skin. We were prescribed steroid creams and given little other advice.

In my 20's and 30's I became more self conscious of my skin eruptions. I began to fiddle with my diet to ease my eczema symptoms. I cut out eggs for a while, then eliminated dairy, nuts and sugars. These restrictive dietary changes would help temporarily and then my skin would worsen again. So I tried topical ointments, salves, lotions and tinctures; all had very little effect on my skin health. I was desperate and had exhausted myself of all options. So when my friend shared her success with homeopathy I scheduled right away.

Within days of taking my remedy my skin began to clear up. I was amazed! The path of healing was not completely linear but eventually homeopathy cured my eczema. Yet, that is not what called me to be a homeopathic practitioner.

Along with the easing of my physical discomfort, my healing on an emotional level was profound. I began to have compassionate insights about harmful patterns that I was stuck in. I gained knowledge of my delusions that held me back from being a free and unencumbered individual. I started to change the negative inner talk to kind self talk.

With this shift in perspective, it was so much easier to change old habits and attract positive energy and loving people into my life. With this new understanding of myself I was able to anticipate my needs in my relationships and assert myself without bitterness and resentment but from a place of self love. My relationships improved, my skin improved and I began to make healthier choices. This inner transformation was my calling to become a homeopathic practitioner. It's my way of giving back to humanity.

I wish you all peace this holiday season. May 2022 bring you profound healing. All my love!

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