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Announcement: Closure of Keyes Homeopathy in March 2024.


It is time for me to take a break from my beloved homeopathic practice, but rest assured, it is my sincere hope to return in the future.

I invite you to click the button below to read my personal closing letter, where I share my gratitude for our time together and offer recommendations to other compassionate homeopaths who can continue to support you on your health journey.

Thank you for your trust and support throughout the years. 

Warmest regards,

Rebecca Keyes

Providing a holistic way to
improving your health

With a specialty in adults and school-age children with:

  • Anxiety 

  • Mood Disorders

  • Disruptive Behavior

  • Unresolved Grief

  • Trauma

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The Qualities of Homeopathy 


Homeopathy treats the whole person: mind, body and spirit.


Homeopathy has dynamic healing powers in treating individuals with acute and chronic illness. 


Homeopathic remedies are made of plant, mineral or animal substances. 


There is extensive scientific study that concludes that homeopathy has a positive effect on individuals.


Homeopathic medicines are gentle and safe to use on babies, pregnant and nursing women and the elderly. 


Homeopathic medicines address the root cause of the problem to bring about deep and often permanent healing. 

Classical Homeopathy

Homeopathy uniquely treats the individual person not the disease. Remedies target the root cause of illness rather than isolated symptoms.  Homeopathic medicines strengthen an individuals inner natural ability to heal. This is why patients experience healing on physical, mental and emotional level as well as an increased vitality. Over time, the patient will become less susceptible to acute and chronic illness.


Homeopathic remedies are gentle and safe enough to use on babies, pregnant and nursing women and the elderly. It can be used as an alternative or as a complementary treatment to conventional medicines and is useful for most acute and chronic illnesses. ​


Homeopathy is safe, effective and affordable.  Homeopathy can help you find freedom and ease in your life. 


Learn More about Homeopathy

About Rebecca


Rebecca Keyes is a graduate of Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy and certified with Council for Homeopathic Certification. In addition to two years of in classroom academic study, the program includes two years of supervised clinical practice which provides intensive contact with a wide variety of clients.  

Rebecca has a BA degree from Metropolitan State University. Her previous professional career has focused on the well-being of children and families in the social service field, primarily working with disadvantaged youth who often experienced great trauma in their lives. Rebecca was drawn to become a homeopath knowing that homeopathy is a safe and effective way to change negative coping patterns, heal from past trauma and find freedom and ease in life. 

Today she sees clients in St. Paul and telehealth. She specializes in adults and children with anxiety, unresolved grief and trauma. She is grateful to have such a safe and effective therapy to use with her family and clients. 

As a homeopath, I do not diagnose disease. I treat the person as an individual not the individual symptoms of the person. By treating the individual; homeopathy can influence a person's mind, body and spirit. 

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